MV Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem


Select NIST Curve over Prime Field

 -the curve selection gives you your basepoint G, values for p, values for a and b

Calculate your  public key - or type in Qx and Qy  - a recived public key

type in n, your private key:  



resulting point Q :

Qx =  

Qy =  

Then n is your private key and Q your public key.

Encode your message to ASCII decimal value here:



 Message to be encrypted (ASCII decimal numbers if you encoded above) :

Encrypt ASCII encoded message with public key Q and NIST curve selected above

 type in a random number k for encryption:    


encryption result:





Decrypt message  above with private key n and NIST curve selected above

result is message in two parts. Decode below



Decode ASCII decimal text

only if the message was ascii encoded with the tool above


 nb: Encoding and decoding according to the ascii table decimal values normalized to 3 digits

How to test this:
Type in a private key n: eg. 42
press: Calculate nG=Q. This i a public key
Encrypt somthing with a public key:
type  in message eg. "live long and prosper" and press: Encode
type in a random number for encryption e.g. 666
Decrypt a ciffertext
press: Decrypt
Press: Decode ascii to text
The orange box with the message hopefully now says "live long and prosper"
Try also the randomizers for n and k
tip: if your message is just any number you can type it in directly in the green box


disclaimer: implementation is not rock solid industrial strength. Only for educational and illustrational purpose.
contact: c h r i s t e l @ c h r i s t e l . d k